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Easter Candy Guessing Game, Activity For Spring, March April May Parties, Easter Guessing Jar, Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Classroom Game
This is a perfect fun game that can be used as a candy corn guessing jar game activity. Great for the spring season.
You will receive the following:
– Signs in the size of 8.5×11
– Card guessing (10 per page)
Details on the listing:
– the files are in pdf format
– The files cannot be edited.
– Personalization is not included in the price (message me for custom listing if you need changes)
Printing Instructions:
– I recommend printing on white card stock or high-quality white paper.
More about this item:
The main way to play this candy guessing game is to pick your favorite candy, must be small sized candy like M&M’s, Skittles, Candy Corn, Hersheys Kisses, ETC. Put them in the jar and full up half way, 3/4 way, or full. Be sure to count the candy as it is going into the jar so you can reward the person that guesses the closes to the right amount of candy in the jar!

An Easter Candy Guessing Game is one of my favorites. The jars are filled with various types of candies, and the goal is to find the right number of pieces of candy. I use a variety of candies to simulate the scents of spring, Halloween, and other holiday celebrations. My guests love this activity, and they are sure to have a great time playing it! It’s a simple game where each participant must estimate the number of candies in the jar.

The game is played with a variety of different candies. For a spring candy guessing game, the game requires you to think outside the box. You can start with a few pieces of candy and then go back and add them as you go. You can also change the candies and substitute them with emoji faces or fish. A fun addition to a spring party is to serve a variety of treats.

You can also use flavored gummy rings. The rope must be touched by each player, and players must bend to touch the licorice rope. A licorice limbo game can be played with different flavors of licorice. As the names suggest, each player has to guess the type of candies on their hand and then use that information to score points. You can even make the game more interesting by adding a second type of candy.


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