Free Pokemon Coloring Book – 81 Pokemon Coloring Pages – Printable PNG

Enjoy these 81 Pokemon coloring pages. You can right click any image and “save as” and then it will be saved/downloaded in your downloads folder. You can use that file to print from! For more information on how you can use these coloring pages, scroll down to the bottom of this page!

Pikachu surfing on a wave
Pikachu smiling under a rainbow
Pikachu smiling under a rainbow
Pikachu running through a meadow
Pikachu playing with a beach ball
Pikachu playing beach ball
Charmander roasting marshmallows by a campfire
Pikachu building a sandcastle
Gengar playing tricks in a spooky haunted house.
Growlithe guarding a beautiful garden
Eevee stargazing on a hilltop.
Squirtle building a sandcastle at the beach.
Pikachu on a swing
Pikachu playing with building blocks
Pikachu flying with balloons
Pikachu watching the sunset
Pikachu playing with a hula hoop
Vulpix curling up by a cozy fireplace.
Pikachu making a wish at a fountain
Pikachu planting a tree
Pikachu dressed as a superhero
Pikachu at a lemonade stand
Pikachu collecting seashells
Pikachu with a magician's hat
Pikachu playing inside a ball pit
Pikachu at a birthday party
Pikachu playing with a remote-control car
Pikachu having a tea party
Pikachu playing in a treehouse
Pikachu enjoying an ice cream cone
Bulbasaur planting flowers in a garden.
Pikachu making a wish at a fountain
Pikachu in a hot air balloon
Charizard soaring through the skies at sunset.
Pikachu sliding down a slide
Pikachu gardening with a watering can
Butterfree fluttering among the flowers.
Pikachu discovering a treasure chest
Pikachu playing with a soccer ball
Pikachu camping under the stars
Pikachu collecting seashells
Adjusted Pikachu drinking a hot chocolate
Pikachu baking cookies
Adjusted Pikachu playing with a soccer ball
Pikachu playing a musical instrument
Vulpix running through a field of tall grass.
Pikachu riding a bicycle
Snorlax napping under a shady tree.
Psyduck relaxing by a calm river.
Meowth playing with a ball of yarn.
Pikachu ice skating
Eevee exploring a mystical forest
Pikachu reading a book
Pikachu dancing with balloons
Squirtle swimming in a crystal-clear lake.
Pikachu drinking a hot chocolate
Adjusted Pikachu enjoying a picnic
Meowth playing with a ball of yarn
Pikachu enjoying a picnic
Bulbasaur enjoying a sunny day in a garden.
Pikachu reading a book
Pikachu discovering a treasure chest
Eevee exploring a mystical forest.
Pikachu splashing in a puddle
Pikachu playing with a butterfly
Pikachu playing with a butterfly
Pikachu jumping in a pile of leaves
Pikachu dancing with balloons
Pikachu holding a bouquet of flowers
Flareon warming up by a campfire.
Adjusted Pikachu holding a balloon
Dragonite looking out from a lighthouse
Vulpix running through a field of tall grass.
Pikachu splashing in a puddle
Vulpix playing in autumn leaves.
Pikachu riding a bicycle
Venusaur blooming in a sunny field.
Psyduck looking curiously at a butterfly.
Bulbasaur basking in the sun on a lily pad.
Pikachu picking apples

Unleash Your Creativity with 81 Free Pokemon Coloring Pages

Are you ready to embark on a colorful adventure through the world of Pokemon? We’ve got an exciting treat for trainers and artists alike – a free Pokemon coloring book featuring 81 printable PNG coloring pages! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the franchise, these pages offer endless possibilities for creativity and fun.

Why Pokemon Coloring Pages Are Perfect for All Ages

Pokemon has captured hearts across generations, and coloring pages are an excellent way to engage with these beloved characters. Here’s why:

  • Stress relief: Coloring is a proven way to relax and unwind
  • Nostalgia: Reconnect with childhood memories
  • Family bonding: Share the experience with kids or fellow fans
  • Skill development: Improve fine motor skills and color recognition

What’s Included in This Free Pokemon Coloring Book

Our collection features a diverse range of Pokemon from various generations:

  • Classic favorites like Pikachu, Charizard, and Mewtwo
  • Cute starters such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle
  • Legendary Pokemon including Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
  • Newer additions like Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio

Each page is carefully designed to provide an enjoyable coloring experience for artists of all skill levels.

Creative Ways to Use Your Pokemon Coloring Pages

Don’t limit yourself to just coloring! Here are some unique ideas to make the most of your Pokemon printables:

1. Pokemon-Themed Party Decorations

Transform your space into a Pokemon paradise:

  • Create a vibrant welcome banner using colored pages
  • Cut out and hang Pokemon silhouettes for a festive atmosphere
  • Use colored pages as placemats or table runners

2. Craft Your Own Pokemon Trading Cards

Put a personal spin on the classic trading card game:

  1. Color your favorite Pokemon
  2. Cut out the character
  3. Paste onto cardstock
  4. Add stats and move descriptions
  5. Laminate for durability

3. Pokemon Scrapbook or Journal Covers

Give your notebooks a Pokemon makeover:

  • Color and cut out multiple Pokemon
  • Arrange them in a collage on your book cover
  • Seal with Mod Podge for a lasting finish

4. Create a Pokemon Mobile or Wind Chime

Bring your colored creations to life:

  1. Color and cut out various Pokemon
  2. Punch holes at the top of each character
  3. Tie string through the holes
  4. Hang from a wooden dowel or hoop

5. Design Your Own Pokemon Stickers

Make custom stickers for all your gear:

  1. Print pages on sticker paper
  2. Color your Pokemon
  3. Cut out carefully
  4. Stick on laptops, water bottles, or school supplies

6. Pokémon Puppets for Storytelling

Bring Pokemon battles to life with homemade puppets:

  1. Color and cut out Pokemon
  2. Glue to popsicle sticks
  3. Create backgrounds on large paper
  4. Act out your own Pokemon adventures!

Tips for Coloring Your Pokemon Pages

Get the most out of your coloring experience with these helpful tips:

  1. Choose your tools: Experiment with colored pencils, markers, or even watercolors
  2. Study official artwork: Reference original Pokemon designs for color inspiration
  3. Try different techniques: Test shading, blending, and patterns to add depth
  4. Think outside the box: Create your own color variations or “shiny” versions
  5. Take breaks: Don’t rush – enjoy the process and let your creativity flow

Printing and Paper Recommendations

To get the best results when printing your Pokemon coloring pages:

  • Use high-quality paper (at least 80 lb weight)
  • Select “high quality” in your printer settings
  • Consider cardstock for sturdier pages
  • Test a page before printing the entire set

Pro tip: Print extra copies of your favorites in case of mistakes or to try different color schemes!

Sharing Your Pokémon Masterpieces

Once you’ve brought your Pokemon to life with color, why not share your creations?

  • Post photos on social media with #PokemonColoringChallenge
  • Start a coloring club with friends and swap finished pages
  • Display your best work in frames or create a gallery wall
  • Gift colored pages to fellow Pokemon enthusiasts

Conclusion: Your Pokemon Coloring Adventure Begins!

With 81 free Pokemon coloring pages at your fingertips, you’re all set for hours of creative fun. Whether you’re looking to relax, improve your skills, or dive into Pokemon-themed crafts, these printable PNGs offer endless possibilities.

Remember, there’s no wrong way to color – let your imagination run wild and create your own unique Pokemon world! So grab your favorite coloring tools, print out these awesome pages, and start your colorful Pokemon journey today.

Happy coloring, trainers!

By offering this free Pokemon coloring book, we hope to bring joy and creativity to Pokemon fans everywhere. Download your 81 printable PNG coloring pages now and embark on your own Pokemon coloring adventure!

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