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Fun Camping Party Games for Adults

Fun Camping Party Games for Adults

After the winter weather, many people are ready to plan a Fun Camping Party Games, or celebration. Maybe you want to start camping in your backyard or go on a trip. You also may decide to select an outdoor camping location to travel to. Either way, for all those summer events, you will want to make sure you have all these fun camping party games for adults handy.

Card Game for Adults Who are Camping

Camping is a great time to take out your favorite card game. This one is for adults only!

The rules are simple: if you’re dealt four hearts, you get to pick someone to drink. If you’re dealt four spades, you get to assign someone to do a dare. All you have to do is post a photo of yourself performing the dare, and your opponent has to drink for you.

This prank originated back in 1881, but it’s become one of the most popular and enduring pub games. We’ve rounded up the best four-heart drinking games out there so you can challenge friends to a night of shenanigans.

Another great camping card game to play with adults is called Gin Rummy. While it can be played by two people, most people enjoy playing it with a partner. The goal of the game is to be the first person to run out of cards.

The first player to run out of cards is out, and the remaining players take a shot. The game is quite simple. You have a hand of cards and each round you must draw one. From there, you use those cards to make combinations of five, like any other game of rummy. Each combination must end with a picture of something that goes boom. Once you run out of cards, you lose.

Once you master Gin Rummy, you can move on to games like Quarters and Omaha. These super fun camping games are a great option for large groups or even smaller groups. Make sure not to get too many mosquito bites while playing!

Board Games for Adults Who are Camping

If you are an adult who is camping, you might want to try playing board games. Some suggestions are Zombie Dice, Cranium Brain Breaks, or Battle of the Sexes. Board games are a great way to pass the time when camping. Zombie Dice is a dice game in which players take on the role of zombie hunters in a zombie-infested U.S. city. In the center of the board, there are tiles that have body parts on them. You roll the dice and see what happens. The goal is to have the most dice showing your kill. If you get hit, you lose some of your brain power. To win, you have to be the last player with any brain power. You can always use extra brain power to remove unneeded brain power tiles.

Fun Camping Party Games for Adults


Another great board game to play with your friends while camping is Cranium. This is a brain teaser game that involves laying cards on a table in order from most to least difficult. Each player takes turns laying cards on the table. The first person to make their card match one that is already laid wins that round. This is a campfire classic and is great for older kids too.

Classic Game

There are many classic games you could play like classic poker, go fish, matching games, ladder toss, chess, checkers, charades, pictionary, trivia and so much more. Just make sure that you always at least have a deck of cards in your camping backpack, tent, or camper. As long as you have a pack of cards, there are so many fun games that you can play. We know that these classic games are great for all family members, large groups, small groups, some for younger campers, and many other fellow campers.

Drinking Game

In a drinking game, usually a Camping Party Games is involved and alcohol is consumed in a variety of ways. Some drinking games involve the consumption of alcohol for every answer given, and others involve the consumption of alcohol based on how well players answer questions or perform actions. There are many different drinking games and rules that can be played, and they can get more and more complex and silly as time goes on. These are fun things to do but it is a good idea to remember to stay safe.

So if you are looking for great campfire drinking games here is a list:

1. Drink, Drink, Shot

This game is a fun spin on the childhood classic, duck, duck, goose. We all get in a circle, then the person with the ball points to someone and says “duck” and the person they point to has to run, and the person who is in charge of counting shouts “goose!” after they say “duck” and the person running gets the next person in the circle, and they all keep running until someone is tagged with the ball.

With every resident seated around the campfire, a would-be camper begins a ghostly round of boozy dominoes. Proceeding around the circle, the boozy arachnid taps a resident’s shoulder to start a mini-scavenger hunt. If the resident is spooked by the touch and starts a pursuit, the chaser must take a shot of the drink of the chased, but if the resident does not chase, they must drink the shot.

2. Never Have I Ever

This is an addicting game to help you find out some random facts about your friends.

The first player must whisper something into the ears of the player on their left. If that player has done it, they must drink. If no one has done it, everyone drinks.

Fend off the encroaching darkness as long as you can with a fresh beer and a deck of cards!

3. Two Truths and a Lie

One player tells three statements, two of them true and one false. The other players must guess which one is the lie. Anyone who guesses wrong has to drink.

4. The Alphabet Game

First, pick a category, like Australian cities.

The first player names a city starting with A, like Adelaide. The next player must add to the list with the next letter: Adelaide, Brisbane, followed by Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra. The first player who forgets an item on the list or can’t come up with the next one has to take a shot and is out.

Keep playing with a new category each round until only one player remains as the champion.

5. Dizzy Race

After spinning in a circle 10 times, two players must sprint to a specific place and back. The loser must drink, while the winner must compete again in the next race, becoming increasingly dizzy. The winner is the last one remaining!

6. Camping Words

Make a list of common camping terms, such as fire, tent, bush, stars, and beer, that you and your buddies are likely to use during the night. The person must drink every time one of the forbidden phrases is stated. Feel free to add more words to the list as the night goes on to make things even tougher.

7. Medusa

Everyone begins by counting to three with their heads down. They must then each stare at the other player directly. The round is safe for everyone who is looking at someone else who is gazing at someone else. Any players who are staring each other in the eyes must yell “Medusa” and drink.

To add some excitement, the participants must race to each other’s seats, with the loser receiving a double dose of alcohol.

Voting Game

If you forgot to bring your cards to the Camping Party Games then there are still plenty of ideas and games that you can do. Campfire activities are fun whether you have cards, board game, equipment or just your own creative funny ideas. You can literally tell campfire stories and be entertained for hours. You can also play capture the flag using a shirt or any item around the campsite. Make sure to have flashlights or glow sticks for safety.

Fun Camping Party Games for Adults

One more idea is that each person can go around a circle and they can ask a question to the group. It can be a yes or no question or a question that requires a vote. This can get the camping crowd interested in different topics of conversation. Ask at your own risk, getting personal or political could not be could for the group. A fun question is “who would win in a battle, Jason from Friday the 13th, or Mike Meyers from Halloween?”

Other Fun Outdoor Game Ideas

Play this one at your own risk but this one could be a fun game or one of the best ways to get your friends or family mad at you.

You can put something slimy in someone’s sleeping bag. When they get into their sleeping bag to go to sleep they will feel it on their back or with their feet. This is a great game and easy way to stir up the next camping trip.

Simon Says

This classic game is great after an evening of drinking with old friends. It gets funnier trying to do what Simon Says the more drinks you have had. The object of this game is just to do what Simon Says so if he says to touch your toes with your elbow, then go ahead and try to do this! The last person standing or that is able to complete what Simon Says wins. haha. This is a great Camping Party Games and works with larger groups as well.

You can also set up a relay race or obstacle course for the whole family or even just a small group.

Flashlight Tag

To play flashlight tag, you’ll need the following items.

3 or more persons


additional batteries (always good to have some for back up)

What is the best way to play flashlight tag?

Wait till it’s dark or nighttime. If you don’t feel safe letting the youngsters play in the dark, evening will suffice; otherwise, join in the fun with the kids!

For flashlight tag, choose one person to be “it.” Toss a coin if more than one person wants to be ‘it’ first.

The person who is ‘it’ takes out the flashlight, closes their eyes, and counts to 50 or 100. During flashlight tag, the higher the number, the more time participants have to conceal.

After counting to the appropriate number, the ‘it’ person can use their flashlight to search for the hiders.

The ‘it’ person must shine their flashlight beam on the hider and scream their name out loud once they have been found.

When hiders are tagged with the flashlight beam, they must leave and wait at a predetermined location (tree, mailbox, porch, etc.) until all the hiders have been found.

Choose a new ‘it’ person and start a fresh game of flashlight tag once everyone has been found and returned to the predetermined meeting point.

Potato Sack Race for Adults

After having several drinks, go ahead, do a potato sack race with all your camping buddies! Just don’t do this around trees.

Camping Games Without Equipment – Camping Printables

A great way to get the camping party started is to have some printable games that you bring with you. You can pick these up with an amazing selection on Etsy or even some here on Boutique Printables. Below is a list from Etsy of great top selling printable games on Etsy.

Camping scavenger hunt / Camping party printable outdoor kids treasure hunt clues / Backyard campout birthday party games camping printables

camping scavenger hunt printable game

LET’S GO CAMPING! Add some fun to your camping adventure or backyard campout party with this editable set of scavenger hunt clue cards. Simply download, print and cut!

Sotally Tober Drinking Games for Adults – Outrageously Fun Adult Party Card Game

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Icebreaker Game, Icebreaker Questions, Printable Adult Party Games, Icebreaker Questions for Work, Dinner Party Games, Adult Party Games

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Camping Charades | 33 Charade Ideas Printable Campground Party Games

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Dirty Minds Game | Ladies Night Party Games | Fun Girls Night Out | Girl Night In | Dirty Minds Trivia | Adult Games

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Dirty Minds Game Ladies Night Party Games


We hope you enjoyed our article about fun camping party games for adults. Have you ever been to a party where there was a lot of drinking involved? We do not promote drinking at all on our blog and suggest that you keep it safe and be responsible. With that said, there are some camping party games that are fun and can be played when there is alcohol involved. We suggest you be smart and read the rules of the game before you start playing. It is always important to remember that you are responsible for your actions.

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